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Can You Reheat Spring Rolls ? Here’s How To Do It(Microwave, Oven And More)

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Spring rolls are a wonderful treat on in their own right. Anyone in love with a crispy snack will definitely drool over this simple yet delicious Asian dish ! Ah, but what happens when you have some leftover and want to reheat them ?

Can you actually reheat spring rolls ? Won’t you lose the crispy edge ? Should you fry them in oil ? It turns out there’s a few ways to reheat spring rolls and preserve their texture, sans oil. They may not be as amazing as the first time around, but they’re good even reheated. So let’s see.

spring roll reheat

Can you reheat spring rolls ?

Yes, you can reheat spring rolls without much fuss. The key is to use low heat and absolutely no oil, otherwise you get a very greasy spring roll that will squirt oil at you when you bite into it.

Aside from that., a high heat (even without oil) will dry out the rolls too much, turning them from crispy to simply brittle and more like cereal. The whole reason spring rolls are cooked on high heat when they’re fresh is to cook the wheat wrapper, as that is completely raw at first.

When reheating them, you don’t need to re-cook them, you just need to warm them up. This becomes much easier if you don’t want them piping hot. Now let’s see how to reheat spring rolls.

1. Reheat on low in a non-stick pan

The first and best option is to use a non-stick pan, with absolutely no oil. It could also be a cast iron pan that’s been seasoned, but again don’t add extra oil. Make sure the pan is hot, but not necessarily screaming hot.

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Place the rolls in the hot pan, making sure to not crowd them. You may be tempted to put a lid, to preserve the heat. If you do this you will also steam the rolls, and they will lose their crispy edge. It’s best to simply ‘fry’ them without a lid, about 2 minutes per side. They should be warm and crispy by the time you’re done with them.

2. Bake in the oven, toaster oven, air fryer

If tending to a pan isn’t really your thing, you can also try baking them in an oven. Now, it could be a convection or gas oven, it could be a toaster oven, or even an air fryer. The principle is the same: hot air.

As with the pan, you don’t need high heat here, try using the lowest setting. it will take much longer, possibly up to 15 minutes depending on the strength of your oven, how many rolls you’ve got, and how hot you want them.

Due to the oil they already have, they’ll stay crispy, and the hot air will warm them all the way through. Be sure to use a baking sheet, if you have some, otherwise they may stick to whatever tray you use.

3. Microwave if you don’t mind losing crispness

If you’re in a real hurry and don’t mind losing any crispiness, then go ahead and microwave them. Be sure to use a bowl on top, or at least a plate. The leftover oil in the rolls can and will pop all over the microwave, and it’s a pain to clean.

Depending on your microwave, half a minute to a full minute should be enough. Again, don’t use particularly high heat or you’ll get parts that are burnt or overcooked, and parts that are lukewarm. Microwaves produce very inconsistent results.

Do not re-fry them in oil !

Whatever method you decide to use, do not add more oil. It may be the most logical option at first, as these have been fried first. But if you add more oil, all you’re doing is making them greasy and much harder to eat.

reheat spring rolls

Remember, they still have some oil in their wrappers so it’s best to simply reheat them with hot air or in a dry pan.

When reheating from frozen, let them thaw first

If your spring rolls are frozen, be sure to let them thaw out first. Place them on a paper towel or on a cooling rack. Anything that will possibly absorb moisture, or keep it away from the rolls. If you don’t you risk getting soggy rolls, even if you cook them like we suggested.

The best way to thaw something, anything, is in the fridge. It provides an even temperature, and it doesn’t create such a big difference between the outside and the inside of the rolls. If you were to thaw them on the counter, the inside would still be frozen by the time the outside would be done.

How long can spring rolls last in the fridge ?

If your spring rolls are already cooked, and you want to keep them in the fridge until tomorrow, you definitely can. We don’t recommend keeping them for more than 48 hours, even if they’re stored in an airtight container. Simply because they usually have some form of meat, in them, especially if it’s also seafood.

If your spring rolls are thawed and in the fridge, don’t keep them for more than 12 hours after they’re already thawed.

Can I freeze cooked spring rolls ?

Yes, cooked spring rolls freeze very well, and they thaw just as well. When thawed they will lose their crunch, which is why you need to crisp them up with one of the methods we mentioned.

As for how to freeze, make sure the rolls are at least room temp. Place then in freezer-safe bags, in portions as large or small as you see fit for a single person. It’s best to try and arrange then in a single layer, instead of freezing them as single lump. It makes both freezing and thawing much easier and faster.

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No matter what, the filling may be softer than fresh

Whether you microwave, bake, or air fry the rolls, they will be softer on the inside than they were when fresh. This is because they has a chance to draw some moisture, especially if they were frozen before. And especially if you microwave them.

If your spring rolls have some shrimp, keep in mind the texture will turn a little rubbery. They will most likely end up overcooked, especially if you decide to microwave them. There won’t be any real change in flavor, only in texture.

Be sure to get some sauce for dipping !

Sweet and sour sauce is the go-to sauce for spring rolls. It’s usually a mix of apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, and a bit of ketchup. You can find plenty of recipes online, or maybe you have some leftover sauce from the takeout. Be sure to give it a light mix with a spoon, in case the ingredients have separated.

In the case of reheated spring rolls, when the flavor and texture may not be exactly as they were yesterday when fresh, a good sauce can really help.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever method you end up using to reheat, be sure to not add any more oil !


I hope this article showed you the best ways to reheat spring rolls. Depending on the circumstances you are in, not every method might be suited for you. If you are in a hurry or at work, reheating them in the microwave might be the best choice even if the quality of the spring rolls will suffer a bit.

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