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Do Pancakes Have Eggs ? Yes, But There Are Substitutes

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Pancakes are a delicious treat, usually reserved for breakfast. And making the pancake mix is fairly difficult (at least getting it right) but the result is well worth the effort. Part of the problem is the eggs in the mix. Eggs some in specific sizes, and you have to adjust all other ingredients according to how many eggs you’ve got.

But do pancakes really have eggs in the mix ? What do eggs do in a pancake mix ? Can you make pancakes without eggs ? If yes what are some of the best alternatives to eggs ? All this and more, coming right up.

pancake eggs

Do pancakes have eggs ?

Yes, most pancakes have at least one egg in the mix, but you can easily swap it for something else. Eggless pancakes are possible and they can easily be turned into vegan recipes, by substituting milk and butter as well.

People usually add eggs to their pancake mix to add more protein, bind all the ingredients together, and provide a leavening agent (the egg whites). All of these can be substituted for something else, with good results.

What happens if you don’t put eggs in pancakes ?

If you try to make a pancake without any eggs, but follow the exact same recipe you will end up with a flat, dense pancake resembling more of a crepe. But it will be fairly plain in flavor, since there will not be any egg yolk to give flavor and richness.

So removing eggs from the equation without substituting them results in a flat, bland pancake.

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Can you skip the egg in pancake mix ?

The only way to skip egg in a pancake mix is if the mix already has eggs in it, or you have something else to add instead of eggs. If you want to substitute eggs completely, you can totally do that without a problem, as long as you’ve got alternatives to turn to. In fact let’s take a look at some of the best egg alternatives for pancakes out there.

Egg alternatives for pancakes

When substituting eggs in pancakes, you need something that accounts for binging ingredients, moisture, richness (yolks), and a leavening agent that keeps the gluten structure stable (the proteins in egg whites). In short, you have your work cut out for you. But there are options, don’t worry. And you can use several of these combined !

Mashed bananas

Mashed banana pancakes were all the rage a few years ago, and it’s not wonder they caught on because they were a good option instead of egg pancakes. You need to add a little less flour when making these pancakes, and add just a tiny bit pf baking soda to make sure they rise.

Don’t expect these pancakes to be as structurally sound as egg pancakes, since the bananas can only do so much.

mashed bananas

Whipped aquafaba/garbanzo bean water

Whipped aquafaba is pretty much the savior of everyone who does not want or cannot use egg whites to bind and fluff up their cakes, pancakes included.

For some mysterious reason, the water left form canned garbanzo beans is especially good at replicating the whipped egg whites structure, texture, and effect. Without tasting like beans ! Yep, aquafaba tastes like nothing, really. This is great because it means you can easily add flavor.

What aquafaba doesn’t add is richness, so you will need some form of fat or oil in your pancake mix, even if just a little.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is an interesting addition to pancakes, since it’s actually going to help raise the pancakes. It add moisture and is a good leavening agent, and it also binds the ingredients. But what it does not do is add richness and flavor, so again you will need to add some sort of fat to your pancake mix, to get that depth of flavor.


Applesauce serves pretty much the same role as mashed bananas: moisture, bind the ingredients, and adds a nice flavor with a bit of sweetness to your pancakes. The pancakes will still need a little bit of oil and they will break apart easier than regular pancakes. But they’re still a valid replacement for eggs, just remember to add a bit of baking soda since it can really weigh down the pancake.

Pumpkin puree

Pumpkin puree has more fat and a little more moisture than applesauce, but it works just as well. It’s also sweeter, so you may not have to sweeten your pancakes as much. You still need something to give the pancakes a little rising power like baking soda or baking powder.

pumpkin puree

Any cooking oil you like

In case all you’ve got is some cooking oil, you can use that. It will add moisture, richness, depth of flavor, and help bind the ingredients. But what it doesn’t do is help the pancake rise. No, if anything it will make it dense. So add a bit more baking soda if you’re adding just cooking oil.

Almost any oil will do, except for olive oil. It just doesn’t work with the sweet pancake flavor.

Remember to add a leavening agent

Whatever option you decide to use for your egg replacement remember to add a leavening agent. The only ingredient that doesn’t need extra help is the whipped aquafaba. This is because it’s already incorporated a lot of air, and your pancakes will end up fluffy anyway.

One more thing. If you’re planning on using more than one of these egg substitutes, keep in mind you’re adding a lot of moisture, which you’ll have to compensate for by adding more flour, and them more moisture, and so on. Add a little at a time and you should be safe.

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A word on gluten-free, eggless pancakes

If you’re in the position where you have to make your pancakes without eggs and without gluten, you should have reasonable expectations. A complete lack of both gluten and eggs will mean your pancake will easily crumble and will need a lot of care when flipping.

The gluten forms bonds that help keep the pancake in its shape, while the proteins in the egg whites will help those gluten bonds hold together while cooking.

The closest approximation is aquafaba, since that will add a bit of protein and imitate the structure of egg whites. If you use something else, maybe the pancakes will rise, but they won’t hold together. We know gluten-free cooking can be difficult, so hopefully this tip can help you out.

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