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Can You Freeze Pumpkin? Yes, and Here’s How!

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Found yourself with an overabundance of pumpkin ? You might be wondering if you can just freeze it and use it later. But can you freeze pumpkin ? That’s a good question.

Not everything is freeze-proof, like dairy for example. If you were to freeze milk or cream, it’d separate into protein, fat, and whey. But in the case of pumpkin, we might just be safe. Let’s take a look.

freeze pumpkin

Can pumpkin be frozen ?

In short, yes! Of course you can freeze pumpkin! Indeed, there are better ways to do it than others, but overall, freezing pumpkin is quite easy to do.

That being said, some folks out there might be wondering why we’re asking this question. Well, for one, asking such questions is always a great idea for hard core foodies like all of us! No question is ever too small. Ask away!

But, another reason is because freezing foods can have many wonderful benefits! So, it only makes sense to question whether or not the de facto food of the Fall season can actually be frozen.

Of course, there are going to be countless ways to freeze something as versatile as the great winter squash: the pumpkin. But, if you’re looking for five quick and easy ideas for it, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

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#1. Chop your pumpkin into chunks

If you are looking to freeze your leftover pumpkin from Halloween, look no further than this easy option! It’s never a good idea to waste food, and holiday decorations are no different if they happen to double as real food!

chopped pumpkin

All you have to do for this one is cut into the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and gunky guts, peel the skin away from the fruit itself, and chop the fruit into chunks! Feel free to place the chunks of pumpkin in a freezer proof container, bag, or bowl, making sure to cover it fully so as to not let frost form.

If you’d like to save the seeds, just clean them off and let the dry on a paper towel for a few days. Pumpkin seeds can also be frozen, but they’re great when roasted fresh! Not to mention, pumpkin seeds are super easy to grow if you’re an avid (or beginner) gardener!

#2. Scoop it out and puree

Similar to the above option, this one is also raw and also very easy; it’s basically just one more step after the previous option! All you’ve got to do after chopping your pumpkin into chunks is throwing it into the blender and pressing puree! Yes folks, it is truly as easy as that!

Once your pumpkin is all liquified, it is ready to be placed into its container. Again, feel free to use a freezer proof bag, tupperware, or bowl, covering it carefully to ensure freshness.

When your pumpkin is frozen raw in pureed form, it is sure to last you up to six whole months!

#3. Freeze your pumpkin pie

This one is going to be very pertinent in the next few weeks for some of us! If you’re an avid pumpkin pie maker around the holidays, you’re bound to have some leftover pie lurking around your house somewhere!

If this sounds like you, listen up! Simply wrap your pumpkin pie in plastic wrap, making sure all the air bubbles are pressed out as best you can. Then, cover it in another layer, this time, aluminum foil. This will help keep in the flavor while keeping the frost out.

Once you’ve completed these two layers of protection, just pop your pie into the freezer! This method of freezing should preserve your pie for up to three whole months! However, keep an eye on it, making sure frost doesn’t form. If you begin to see frost, it’s time to finish your pie before it goes bad.

#4. Pumpkin soup ice cubes

Pumpkin soup is another popular choice during the holidays! If you’re a pumpkin soup maker, you may want to test this one out with your leftovers!

Simply get out a clean, empty ice tray, fill each cup up with some of your pumpkin soup (after it has cooled, of course), and pop it into the freezer! Once you’re ready to enjoy it again, simply take out a few pumpkin soup ice cubes, toss ’em into your heated pot, and thaw!

#5. Pumpkin ice cream

If you’d like to try out a deliciously sweet, frozen pumpkin treat, this is the option for you! All you’ve gotta do is take out that frozen pumpkin puree from option #2, let it thaw a bit, combine into it your favorite pumpkin spices, sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy cream (or a non-dairy substitute), and mix in your ice cream mixer (a blender would work fine, as well)!

After that, simply freeze it for a few hours and enjoy! This pumpkin concoction should last you up to a month! Enjoy!

pumpkin ice cream

Why would you need to freeze pumpkin?

Since it is now mid November, we are sadly reaching the end of pumpkin season. Halloween is over, Jack-o-Lanterns are being tossed in the trash, and the hype of the Holidays is ever growing and ever nearing.

However, many of us will still be using this interesting fruit – and yes, it is a fruit – all the way through the end of the month. After all, there’s still Thanksgiving in some parts of the world, and many traditional dishes and desserts call for the pumpkin. Plus, some may still have pumpkins lurking around their homes leftover from the spooky season.

So, asking if pumpkin can be frozen isn’t such a crazy query! But, why might someone want to freeze this winter squash? Well, there’s really only two reasons why you would need to freeze anything, and we’re gonna tell you about both! Here we go!

Freezing for preservation

Preservation is the main reason people decide to freeze their food. When you freeze food, the extremely low temperature allows the natural life cycle of the food to slow down, therefore, making it last longer. Think of those age-defying cryogenic freezing tanks in sci-fi movies!

There are many ways one might freeze for preservation, but the two most general are cooked and uncooked. For pumpkin, either this work! We’ll touch on both in a bit!

Overall, freezing can usually help preserve your food for anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year! Pretty cool [pun intended!], huh?

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Freezing for flavor or texture

If you aren’t freezing for preservation, you are most likely freezing food for flavor and texture. Sometimes, certain foods can have a different flavor or texture when frozen, and it could be fun to try it out!

Of course, one of the main things that comes to mind under this category is ice cream! Not only does it feel different when it’s frozen, but it can actually taste different, too! Keep reading if you’d like to hear more about freezing pumpkin as ice cream!

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