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Seedless vs. Seeded Grapes – Are Seedless Grapes Natural Or Man-Made?

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We’ve all seen seedless grapes in the market, and recently it was a real boom in those types of grapes, but what is the difference between seedless and seeded grapes? Other than the seeds, obviously.

I like grapes a lot, actually, they are my favorite fruit, and when they are in season, I eat a lot of them. Living in Romania, we have a lot of good-tasting grapes since it is a country known for good wine, which also means good grapes.

Recently I tried seedless grapes several times but I wasn’t impressed with them at all, but maybe this is due to the fact that most of them are imported here, and this can affect their quality.

So, for this reason, I decided to write an article about the differences between seedless grapes and regular grapes with seeds. But not before doing some research to see how are they around the world, not only in my Country.

Seedless vs. Seeded Grapes

Seedless grapes vs. seeded grapes

The main difference between seedless grapes and seeded grapes is the way they are grown. Seedless grapes are grown from cuttings, small parts of a vine with a genetic mutation that makes the vine produce seedless grapes. In contrast, seeded grapes are grown like any other plant from planting the seeds in the ground and waiting for the vines to develop.

Four differences between seedless and seeded grapes

There are a few more differences between them; they can seem irrelevant, but when you add them up, they will make a big difference.


The way they are grown leads us to the conclusion that seedless grapes are more convenient for the client since they are easier to eat, so you will enjoy them more. Still, they are harder to reproduce since they don’t have any seeds, making them less convenient for the producer.

This difference makes seedless grapes easier to use in different recipes that require grapes since you will not find annoying seeds in your food, cake, salad, or whatever you are going for.

Taste Difference

There should be no taste difference between them since, in theory, they can be the same grape type. 

However, I noticed that the seeded grapes are sweeter and taste better, maybe because there are bigger chances they are all-natural and grown by a farmer nearby. 

This is not evidence that seedless grapes can not taste as great, but this was my experience. Also, I said that “in theory” you can find any type of grape without seeds, but in practice, I find way more grape types with seeds than the ones without seeds on the market, so this may affect my opinion about the taste of seedless grapes.

Difference in nutrients

There is a small difference in nutrients between the seeded and seedless grapes since the seed actually has healthy fats and other good nutrients.

It is not such a big difference that it is worth the inconvenience of eating the seeds if you don’t like them.

Difference in price

There is a difference in price between seedless and seeded grapes because it is harder to grow seedless grapes since, as I said before, you don’t have seeds from which to grow them, and the process of cutting the vines and planting them again is more labor intensive than planting the seeds.

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Are seedless grapes natural or man-made?

So the seedless grapes are grown with a process that is known as cloning, this makes them not natural in a sense since it is a genetic mutation. But this doesn’t mean they are bad for you or anything like that.

It only means that they are not natural as nature gives them to you. But you would be surprised to see how many fruits and vegetables are actually man-made, here is an entire article about them.


The process of cloning a fruit that is more convenient for humans is very old, otherwise, the apples would be small and with an awful taste, the tomatoes the same, and many more fruits and vegetables, so I wouldn’t judge so hard this process because the purpose of it is to make the fruits easier to enjoy without affecting their health benefits.

More people will eat more fruits if they are easier to eat, which would lead to healthier people. That being said, not every fruit that was modified this way is as healthy as the original one, so you have to do your research for each of them.

How to buy good grapes?

If you want to enjoy good grapes being them seeded or seedless, it is important to check a few things before buying them.

I would give you a list of things to check for when you buy grapes:

-Color. They come in different colors, but the color of a ripe grape should be clear and vibrant without any weird spots. If they are green grapes, a yellow-ish color will mean that they are sweeter, but if they are too yellow, they can already be bad. 

Rose grapes should be nice colored and uniform. I noticed that this type of grape tends to have a brown spot on the end where they are attached to the vine when they start to go bad.

Black grapes are a bit harder to choose only by looking at their colors since. Usually, they have a nice uniform color even if they are going bad, so you should check the next signs.

-Texture. This is the second most important thing to check, all grapes should be quite firm but not too tough. If you see a green grape that is yellowish, checking the texture is very important to make sure that it is not going bad. I would never buy grapes without checking their firmness.

-Smell. This is maybe the least important thing to check, but I wouldn’t neglect it. A good grape should have a strong sweet scent, while the ones that are going bad will have a fermented smell.


So there are quite a few differences between seedless and seeded grapes, which are not so obvious when you think about them.

But the most significant differences are convenience, how they are grown, and price.

I hope this article cleared the confusion between those two and helped you make an informed decision about buying or eating grapes.

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