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When Is Persimmon Ripe? Can You Eat It Unripe?

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Due to its exotic nature and not being the most popular fruit out there, it is quite hard to know when persimmon is ripe.

So if you bought some persimmons, it is perfectly fine to ask yourself if they are ripe or unripe and what you can do with them.

When I first bought some persimmons, I was confused since they looked like an orange tomato, which gave me the vibe that they were not completely ripe.

In this article, I will get you through how to know when persimmons are ripe and also what to do with an unripe persimmon because it can happen to get a not fully ripe persimmon.

I will like to point out that we will talk about the Fuyu persimmon, which is the most popular one you can probably get in the store. The hachiya persimmon is much softer and has a more red-ish color when ripe. Due to its softness, it is not so popular as a fruit since it’s quite annoying to eat it.

ripe persimmon

When is persimmon ripe?

A ripe persimmon will have a strong orange color and a soft texture but not too soft, almost like a good tomato or plum.

The taste of a ripe persimmon is like a mix between mango and peach with a bit of earthy flavor, which can be off-putting for some people.

But generally, it is a nice-tasting fruit with a great texture if eaten when it is fully ripe.

The color and the texture are the main indications that the fruit is completely ripe. Unfortunately, the fruit doesn’t have a strong smell until you cut it, so you can’t count on that when choosing a ripe persimmon.

If you like persimmon taste, it can be a great substitute for mango, especially its convenience. Persimmon is an easy-to-eat fruit because you can eat it with the skin and seeds as opposed to mango, which can be annoying to peel it.

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Can you eat unripe persimmon?

Unripe persimmon can be eaten without having a negative effect on your health, but it will not be pleasant at all since it will have a sour taste, or at least it will not be sweet and can let you with a dry mouth because of their astringency that goes away only when they fully ripen.

So it is not recommended to eat unripe persimmon if you expect to have a delicious fruit.

Persimmon continues to ripen after they are picked, so it is not a big problem if you buy one that is not completely ripe.

Make sure you place them in a paper bag and in a fruit bowl if you want to eat them in the next few days. Keeping them near bananas, avocados, apples, or any other fruit emitting ethylene will help speed up the ripening process.

If you plan to eat them after more than 4-5 days, it will be better to put them in the refrigerator and get them out only one or two days before eating them. When refrigerating them, make sure you don’t put them near other food or fruits since that can alter how much time they last in the fridge.

Persimmon can also be frozen, and this way, their taste will last for up to six months.

Persimmon uses

Persimmon can have many uses, you don’t have to limit yourself only to eating it as a raw fruit.

Here are a few of the most common uses for ripe persimmon:

-Salad. Persimmon can work great in a fruit salad but also can work great in a regular salad, especially one with roasted duck breast or beef.

-Sorbet or Ice cream. If you want a delicious dairy-free dessert, you can go for Persimmon sorbet, or if you don’t have any problem with the milk, you can go for a delicious Ice Cream to cool you down on the warm summer days.

persimmon ice cream

-Smoothie. This is always a great option, especially because you can be creative and mix your favorite fruits with a bit of spice. For example, you can mix persimmon with bananas and mango or pineapple and also add a bit of cinnamon or other spices you like.

-Persimmon Bread. Persimmon can be easily used in baking, one of the popular uses is persimmon bread which is the alternative to banana bread if you want to try new things.

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It is fairly easy to know when your persimmon is ripe due to its strong color, which is a great indication. Make sure you check the texture as well since the color can be misleading sometimes, not so often with the persimmon but better be safe than sorry.

Also, don’t worry if your persimmon is not fully ripe, make sure you give it enough time to ripe since it will continue to ripe in the fruit bowl.

I hope I convinced you to try this awesome fruit and also use it in a few different ways because it will be a shame not to use it in baking, make a good smoothie or ice cream with it.

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