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Is Alfredo A Cheese ? Check More About This White Sauce

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Did you have that delicious “alfredo” pasta the other day at a restaurant? Don’t know what Alfredo is? Is alfredo a cheese or some other pasta sauce? Let’s find out!

Alfredo pasta is one of the most popular Italian dishes all over the world. The smooth, creamy, and flavorful pasta is hard to beat. 


Is Alfredo a cheese?

Alfredo is a creamy white sauce for pasta. made from butter a type of cream and parmesan cheese adding seasonings and cream cheese to thicken things.

If done properly alfredo is all dairy. it’s not a separate butter but more of a sauce made by tossing the pasta with butter and cheese, an emulsion like the original carbonara sauce.

Alfredo sauce is not a cheese, but is made using butter and Parmesan. This sauce is not cooked separately, rather the pasta is tossed with butter and Parmesan to create an emulsion. The same way the original carbonara sauce is made with egg and parmesan.

So in short no, Alfredo sauce is not a cheese by itself but does rely on Parmesan heavily. Some heavy cream or cream cheese may be used by some chefs, to get a slightly thicker consistency.

What is Alfredo sauce?

Alfredo is a traditional Italian sauce that is usually used for pasta and certain chicken dishes. It is made using loads of butter, classic parmesan cheese, heavy cream, and some flavorings such as garlic, pepper, salt, and other Italian herbs. It tastes heavenly and takes some skill to master.

The sauce melts onto the pasta, and the starch of the hot pasta ties everything together into an emulsion. This sauce is 100% dairy and should be avoided by those with lactose intolerance.

That being said, vegan or vegetarian variations do exist.

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Is Alfredo sauce the same as white sauce ?

No, Alfredo and white sauce are two different sauces. Where Alfredo is made with the pasta, in the pan, using butter and cheese, white sauce is different.

White sauce is always cooked separately from the pasta. It uses butter, milk, flour and seasonings. You can add cheese to it if you like, but it becomes a different sauce.

White sauce is always going to be thicker due to the starch in the flour. If using regular white wheat flour, it will not be gluten free.

alfredo sauce

What does Alfredo sauce taste like ?

The one-line answer is – It tastes heavenly!

Because there are loads of butter and cheese in Alfredo sauce, it tastes very creamy and rich. It has butter so it’s going to be rich and almost ‘sweet’.

It has Parmesan so it will be nutty, salty, and creamy and even more buttery in terms of flavor.

The taste is not overpowering at all, but it lingers in your mouth for a good amount of time. It tastes a lot better than the cheese-free roux and needs barely any seasoning.

How can I make Alfredo sauce at home?

Alfredo sauce is one of the easiest things to make. What’s even better? It gets ready in minutes with a handful of ingredients. You can use it for your pastas, vegetables, chicken casseroles to make a delicious homemade treat.

Keep in mind that the original Alfredo sauce is made in the pan. The one you buy isn’t made in the pan with the pasta, and is instead cooked separately. It will sstill taste good, but it will be a little different.

The homemade one is hard to beat. So, it’s always better to prepare fresh and this is what we’re going to show you how to make.

Things you’ll need for Alfredo sauce: butter, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, (optional) chili flakes, (optional) Italian mixed herbs.

Cook your pasta al dente, drain it but reserve a little bit of water. Keep the pasta hot.

In a large sauce pan melt some butter, and then add the hot, wet pasta.  Grate in a very generous amount of parmesan, as much as you like, and add it all your seasonings.

Toss vigorously in very long motions, you will need a big saucepan for this. As the butter interacts with the starch on the hot pasta and Parmesan an emulsion should form.

If you notice it getting a little too thick add a table spoon or two of reserved hot pasta water.

Keep mixing until all the butter and Parmesan have melted and there’s only a creamy sauce waiting for you. While making it at home, make sure to use freshly grated Parmesan otherwise, your sauce will become grainy and uneven. 

It will also thicken on cooling down, so feel free to add a little bit of warm milk and whisk it if you like. 

alfredo sauce at home

Can I make Alfredo sauce without cheese?

No. In that case, it will not be called Alfredo sauce. Instead, it will be nothing but a regular white sauce made using butter, flour, and milk. 

But you can substitute the Parmesan cheese with any cheese of your choices such as Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cream Cheese, and even cheese powder.

Just keep in mind that you won’t get the same texture, since Parmesan melts while other cheeses become stringy. A truer Parm substitute would be Pecorino Romano, a very strong sheep’s milk cheese.

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What to use Alfredo sauce with?

Although alfredo sauce is popularly used with pastas, you can use it in some other ways as well.

  • Add some balanced vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans, broccoli, tomatoes in your alfredo sauce and bake it. Your tasty baked veggies are ready.
  • You can mix it with chicken to make a delicious chicken casserole.
  • Add it to your savory muffins batter to make them rich and cheesy.
  • You can also pair alfredo sauce with your instant noodles. Just toss your boiled noodles in this sauce and bake it if you want to make it even better!

That’s all about alfredo sauce. We hope you’ll head to the kitchen right now to make your very own batch !

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