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What Fig Is The Sweetest ? The Main Varieties Of Figs

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Known for a jam-like delicious flesh and brightly colored exteriors, figs are surely one of the sweetest tropical treats to cherish. However, the fact that they are available in so many different varieties, makes some people wonder which one’s sweeter than the other.

If you wonder what fig is the sweetest, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered !

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What fig is the sweetest?

Black mission figs are the sweetest figs out there, followed closely by brown turkey, and then calimyrna.

The sweetest ones, the black mission figs, are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, much like a drop of water, They’re the most common figs actually, and the one you already know. The dark purple/blue figs with light pink on the inside.

We’ll get to explaining each fig in particular, and even the ones that come after calimyrna. Oh yes, there’s more than three types of fig ! There’s actually 6, at least 6 that are commercially grown and sold worldwide.

Whichever fig you choose, know that it’s possibly one of the best fruits out there. They not only look strange, but they also taste amazing and are just gorgeous to look at !

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The main varieties of figs

You’re most likely to find black mission figs in your local supermarket, since these are the most common. Still, it’s worth knowing the other types as well. You never know when you might be vacationing in sunny Greece or Cyprus or Turkey, and you come across the other varieties.

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Black mission

As mentioned above, here’s the sweetest fig of them all. One of the most loved and widely available types of fig in the world, the black mission originated from a seedling tree. It is believed to hail from somewhere in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain.

The early name for the variety was Franciscana, which was established as the Catholic missions’ main fig. It actually got its present name when it was adopted by California’s largely growing fig industry.

Black Mission figs are quite small in size and come with rich pink flesh. The inside is studded with tiny seeds throughout, bringing out a nice texture and crunch to the otherwise tender fruit. A fig that’s perfectly ripe features a jammy and sticky texture, while the fruits that are left on the tree for some extra time look dry like prunes and are a bit too sweet.

This fig is the most common fig and the one you see on TV or in ads. Fairly large, dark purple/blue, with a beautiful jewel-like pink flesh inside.

Brown turkey

The origins of the brown turkey fig date back to the early 1700s, and it was possibly introduced to England from Italy. This one’s also popular worldwide and one of the largest in size. These fruits feature a nice maple brown skin and lovely pear shapes, and are grown worldwide.

However, brown turkey figs that are harvested ahead of time are quite hard and stiff. They come in a flat and dull flavor, which is a shame because figs really are delicious.

But delicious ones flaunt a lovely tender skin that can easily be bruised to display the soft and velvety insides. The fruit is super juicy, heavy and sweet from the inside.


Sierra is quite a new-found variety of figs that was introduced in 2006. It flaunts green skin and looks quite similar to the calimyrna. Yes, these figs are green even when ripe so they’re not going to be easy to ‘read’.

The fruits of the Sierra variety are round and large, and that’s why most people slice them in half before serving. They taste even more awesome with a dressing of olive oil and a topping of cheese.


This variety usually grows around places with cold winters. It’s a cold-tolerant fig that mostly grows in areas like Pacific Northwestern and similar climates, while growing on small farms around the country.

The fruit is shaped like a teardrop and comes with green color skin with dark purple flesh. Once fully ripe, they’re rich and delicious though they’re not the sweetest.


Totally extraordinary as a fresh fruit, this variety originated in Turkey and is often dried. These are large figs, very heavy when ripe and the constituting sugars and sap ooze when the skin is broken.

They get a unique nuttiness but these figs taste of butterscotch, jam and honey. If you find semi-ripe calimyrna in the markets, you can always grill it. Grilling the fruits instantly brings out the touches of caramel and a spicy zest to the fruit, while softening them. Once soft, they feel like sweet sticky globs of jam.

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Dating back to thousands of years, Kadota is one of the most popular varieties of green figs. In Italy, the variety is called Dotatto and is said to be commanded by Pliny the Elder. The super sweet Kadota is found in abundance in California, and it comes with a striking silky smooth flesh. Speaking of the outer skin, it’s yellowish-green in color.


I didn’t know that there are so many varieties of figs before doing the research for this article. I hope that this article helped you know which one of them is the sweetest fig variety and also you found out some interesting facts about all of them.

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