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How To Know When Scrambled Eggs Are Done

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There is a fine line between undercooked scrambled eggs, and overcooked/burned scrambled eggs, so it is perfectly ok to ask yourself when are scrambled eggs fully done.

This can be a taste thing because not all of us like scrambled eggs the same way, but there are certain things to look for.

I checked a bit online before writing this article to ensure that more people want the same things from their scrambled eggs. Here is what I found.

scrambled eggs

How to know when scrambled eggs are done

Scrambled eggs are done when there is no liquid running anymore, and they are thick enough to not run out of your fork.

You need to stir them continuously while cooking to make sure that you get the texture(the curds) that you want from your scrambled eggs.

You have to stop the fire when you see that the eggs are not runny anymore since the best way to have scrambled eggs are when they are a bit creamy. If you let them cook for a few more minutes, they will become dry and possibly a bit rubbery.

How much time to cook scrambled eggs

Five minutes should be enough for cooking scrambled eggs. But there are many factors that can change the time you need to cook scrambled eggs. Depending on how many eggs you want, making scrambled eggs from one egg or ten eggs is not the same.

The size of the flame and the size of your pan can also have an impact.

So it is better to check visually when they are fully cooked rather than setting a timer.

To be safe, you better stop the heat a bit before you think they are fully cooked. It should be the perfect point when they look a bit wet but not runny.

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Should you add something else to your scrambled eggs?

When making scrambled eggs, you can add a bit of water if you want to be a bit lighter or a larger quantity and you don’t have enough eggs. Keep in mind that anything you add may prolong the cooking time, especially if it’s something like cheese. If it’s pieces of bacon or salami, they might not stick to the eggs themselves. 

How to make scrambled eggs

You have to crack a few eggs add them into a bowl, both egg white, and the yolk.

Add salt, pepper, or other seasonings if you want. At this step, you can add milk or water if necessary.

Stir them until the whites and the yolks from the eggs are fully combined.

Brush your pan with a bit of olive oil or a bit of butter which I think works better for scrambled eggs.

Preheat the pan and pour the eggs inside. Make sure you stir them continuously until they are fully cooked.

Scrambled eggs vs. omelette

Scrambled eggs and omelette may seem the same thing, but they are not. Both have beaten eggs and are cooked in a pan, but very differently.

The main difference between omelette and scrambled eggs is that you don’t have to stir the eggs in the case of omelette but rather let them cook like a pancake.


But in my opinion, the biggest difference is that omellete gives you the chance to be more creative with the ingredients you add in. Omelette can be treated like a pizza, you can add whatever you like, from bacon to any type of cheese, and even a lot of vegetables and herbs work well.

Whereas in the case of scrambled eggs, they will not be very well combined with the eggs, so there is no point in getting creative.

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Is it safe to eat undercooked scrambled eggs?

There is a risk of food poisoning when eating undercooked scrambled eggs. The risk is low but not 0. The thing is that when you cook food, you kill most of the bad bacteria inside. If you don’t cook it enough, there is a chance not to kill all of them, and this way, you can get sick.

So I would not recommend eating undercooked food at all for this reason. But also undercooked scrambled eggs can be gross since they are runny.


There is no science in knowing when your scrambled eggs are fully cooked, so there is no perfect time frame or anything like that.

But it should be pretty intuitive if you are carefully watching them to get the point when they are not runny anymore.

You should pay attention to this since you have to constantly stir them, so it should not be an extra inconvenience that you have to watch them constantly.

After reading this article, I hope that you will make some great-tasting scrambled eggs.


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